Changing the Standard of Clean

“As a mom to four children myself I cannot count the number of messages I have received from friends asking advice of if I can recommend a daycare facility, a gym nursery, gymnastic facility, or church nursery that uses a safe standard without harsh chemicals to keep their facility disinfected. Usually they follow their questions up with the response, “I wish more places would use bioPURE so I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals on the surfaces that my children would touch!”  As moms we’ve always wanted this safer environment for our children but with the spread of new viruses it has allowed us to open up more about our concerns of the products being used. Now we all want better and expect better for our children and our families.

With bioPURE you’re not dealing with toxic chemicals that the children will get in their mouths from toys being sprayed down with them. It’s a registered epa product to be used as a disinfectant against many different viruses and bacterias that have been around for several years. We pride ourselves in customer service, chemical knowledge, and always being ahead of the curve to provide you the best treatment you deserve. This harmless and effective method of disinfecting is becoming the best way to properly care for your facility. bioPURE does not require rinsing or wiping and will leave behind a protective barrier to prevent the germs from spreading without a residue. You’re eliminating your need for someone to be constantly smearing the germs with a rag and allowing the experts to come in and hit the traffic spots you may not have even considered.

Since bioPURE opened in 2016 we have seen a drop in all sickness and viruses in the facilities we regularly treat. With years of experience before covid, we have proven that to effectively stop the germs from spreading we needed to rethink the way we had always done things. Partnering with biopure has allowed facilities to stop the spread of many viruses and illness. We have seen a reduction in runny noses and seasonal allergies in schools, and even parents noticing a difference in their children not coming home with the latest sickness. Many can proudly say they are biopure certified!

Choosing to work with biopure allows you to continue being an expert in your field of caring for children while we continue to be the experts in killing germs. Our knowledge together will make your facility one that everyone wants to be a part of. Contact biopure today and find out how we can help decrease the germs that are in your facility and increase the appreciation your parents will have for how you choose to care for their children’s daily environment.”

Danielle Kinder

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