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Healthier environments start with bioPURE®.

bioPURE exists to provide Innovative Solutions For Healthier Environments
– Where You Live, Where You Work, Where You Play. 

“Getting to share with our community that bioPURE provides product and service technology that is more efficient, and more effective at achieving a healthy environment is really fun. Creating a new industry is challenging and rewarding all at the same time, but seeing and hearing the benefits businesses and homeowners experience after partnering with bioPURE is always top on my list. An equally rewarding part of my job is now helping our team members in our other locations become more successful at serving their communities with the bioPURE vision. We are committed to bringing you the best Innovative Solutions For Healthier Environments – Where You Live, Where You Work, Where You Play.”

bioPURE® Leadership Team

Founder/CEO: Brandon Kinder

Brandon Kinder is a native of South Carolina and a proud graduate of The Citadel Military College. His career in sales began after graduation and finished at 3M in 2018.  In 2016, while working full-time and raising his family, he began to have a vision and made a plan that became known as bioPURE. In 2018 he made the commitment to leave his full-time job and began working full-time building the vision for bioPURE.  In 2019, knowing bioPURE could make a difference for many entrepreneurs and their families and cities around the world, he invested his passion for mentoring and bioPURE and began franchising the company. 

Although Brandon spends much of his time strategizing, planning, vision casting, and building all of bioPURE, it does not go unnoticed that any break he takes he spends with his family. Brandon and his wife Danielle have 4 children, and they truly represent all that is the bioPURE family.

Outside of work, he continues to pass down a love for the outdoors and the simplicity of nature to his family. Their greatest joys are doing everything together, whether through worship, hikes, time at the lake or the beach, golfing, and hunting. Some of Brandon’s favorite memories are found in the times he has had in the woods with his boys.

Brandon’s belief in creating healthier environments, his tireless work ethic, and his passion for providing a full life opportunity for entrepreneurs make him the perfect visionary for our company.

Vice President of Operations: Travis Barr

Travis Barr, from Johnson City, Tennessee, joined bioPURE as the Operations Manager in August 2020. In August of 2021, he was named to his current position as Vice President of Operations. Travis previously spent 25 at an advertising firm helping SMB’s reach more customers. He began in sales, operations, and finally as Group General Manager. He managed multiple offices in a region and was responsible for all facets of the businesses including financials, employees and contractors in sales, graphics, distribution, and business development. 

Travis holds a couple of degrees along with lots of additional schooling hours. But he is most comfortable ‘digging in’ and learning from experience and the experience of others. He finds satisfaction in manual labor, but when not working, enjoyment comes from family time and watching his boys play sports. While Faith and Family are his priorities, Travis spends any spare time on physical fitness with an emphasis on mountain biking in the beautiful Appalachian mountains!

Travis’s philosophy of “bringing my best” and his total business management experience serve the bioPURE family with a deep desire to help people grow their business and personal success.

Vice President of Customer Service and Relations: Aaron Andrew

Aaron Andrew resides in Johnson City, Tennessee with his new wife (married 10/15/22).  He started his professional career as an EMT for Spartanburg Regional Hospital, then in 2017 joined RSS where he worked in franchise recruitment and quality control.    During this time he operated two Boxdrop franchises in California and Louisiana during the company’s expansion.  In July 2019 he joined one of the bioPURE corporate stores in sales and technical support, and then in June of 2020, he joined the bioPURE Home Team serving as Chief of Staff.  He quickly moves into the Franchise Support Manager position and now serving as our Vice President of Customer Service and Relations since August 2021. 

Aaron and his wife hope to enjoy time without children and then share in the joy of family in the next 3 years.  Aaron loves people and spreads that love to all as if they were family. 

He sees his unique mission at bioPURE as being an advocate and a constant voice for the bioPURE owners in all meetings.  He spends quality time gathering feedback and data through direct conversations with each location. 

He believes in servant leadership as the highest value set and that it is essential to listen carefully and compassionately to all owners as they present their ideas and challenges so the bioPURE Home Team can help grow and improve.

Aaron’s commitment to the bioPURE Family from the perspective of the people living the brand every day and helping them pursue their dreams of owning a business fit perfectly into his role.

Director of Administration and Accounting: Anita Sleeman

Anita Sleeman is the founder and owner of “zBananas,” an administrative consulting business founded in 2014.  Originally from Hammond, Indiana, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree from St. Mary’s Notre Dame.  Anita’s varied background extends from education, small business, and non-profit sector to large corporations.  She has held the position of Chapter Director, Administrative Director, Executive Director, and Artistic Director for arts non-profits; Fine Arts Department chair for secondary schools; Director of Regulatory Affairs for a nationwide telecommunications franchisor, and other various administrative work in the business sector. 

Anita has been with bioPURE since 2016 and has enjoyed being integral to its growth and development.  Anita’s attention to process, operations, standards, and statistics make her a valuable partner in Administration and Accounting.  She loves being a part of the entrepreneurial journey, especially when innovating new products and services.

Director of Marketing: Jessica Hensley

Jessica Hensley is an entrepreneur with 15 years of digital experience who founded her company “Business Buddy” in 2018. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in Website Development from (SCAD) Savannah College of Art & Design. Prior to opening her company from 2014 to 2017, Jessica owned a Merry Maids franchise and worked with the corporate office to aid in the design of various marketing campaigns and develop the company’s first mobile workforce application.

Jessica has been with bioPURE since April 2022 and has appreciated the journey of understanding bioPURE’s vision and why to help achieve marketing goals. Jessica’s fast-paced nature and strive for actionable results make her a valuable partner for bioPURE marketing. During her time with bioPURE, Jessica has helped to develop and implement successful marketing campaigns.

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