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Changing the Standard of Clean

The Story of How a Leading Janitorial & Service Business Grew Revenue and Profit by Adding a bioPURE Disinfection Franchise

Like any great service business, TriStar Building Services (TriStar) was looking for yet another opportunity to expand its already impressive track record of revenue and profit growth. This is TriStar’s story about how a bioPURE franchise became the latest chapter in their book of success.

“The addition of a bioPURE disinfection services franchise has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made in the history of TriStar,” said Todd Story, founder and CEO of TriStar.“ As a diversified service business that serves commercial and residential customers, the bioPURE franchise allowed TriStar to rapidly scale up an industry-leading disinfection services line that quickly became our most profitable business unit.”

Headquartered in Nashville, TriStar is the largest independent janitorial services provider in the state of Tennessee. And while its core business is janitorial services, TriStar prides itself on providing an array of valuable commercial and residential services that can be delivered in a scalable and profitable manner. 

Prior to TriStar’s expansion into disinfection services with a bioPURE franchise, it already provided the following services:

  • Emergency Services: TriStar provides water restoration, structural drying, fire and smoke restoration, and contents cleaning and restoration.
  • Janitorial Services: TriStar services to approximately 15 million square feet nightly in the Middle Tennessee area and it places a high priority on green cleaning.
  • Specialty Services: TriStar provides carpet cleaning, natural stone maintenance and restoration, upholstery cleaning, and floor tile and grout restoration. 
  • Construction Services: TriStar is a licensed general contractor that provides residential remodel/construction, commercial tenant build outs, and exterior renovation (roofs, gutters, soffits).

“Prior to the COVID pandemic, we already saw clear signs that the disinfection and sanitization industry was ripe for growth,” noted Kelley Queener, VP and GM of Disinfection Services at TriStar. “Commercial and residential customers had already started to need and demand a higher level of cleaning and protection against dangerous germs…then COVID hit.”

Leveraging its deep experience and network of experts across the industry, TriStar evaluated many options for launching its disinfection business unit before settling on bioPURE. “We conducted a huge amount of research and due diligence around the world before deciding to own a bioPURE franchise,” added Queener. “We chose bioPURE because they offered the best total disinfection solution that we could provide to our customers. bioPURE offered the best and safest disinfection chemistry. They offered the best electrostatic application method. They offered the ability to deliver the most affordable and competitive price to our customers while also maintaining very high profit margins. Finally, bioPURE offered the best training and support.”

Once TriStar started offering disinfection services, existing and new customers began to request the recurring service immediately. By collaborating with the leadership team at bioPURE, TriStar quickly ramped up the number of technicians, electrostatic machines, and service vehicles to meet the demand. Almost immediately, TriStar’s leadership team saw the positive impact that bioPURE’s services had on customer satisfaction and corporate profits. “Our customers love the disinfection and protection services we provide. And, while we provide the service at the most competitive price point in the industry, it’s also a very profitable business line for TriStar,” said Mark Sexton, CFO at TriStar.

TriStar is yet another example of how existing commercial and residential service providers can drive revenue and profit growth by adding additional service lines. “We’ve always asked ourselves this 3-part question: 1) What else can we provide to our existing customers that adds value to their lives, 2) is likely to have strong and long-term growth, and 3) is scalable and profitable for us to provide?”, said CEO Todd Story. “A bioPURE disinfection services franchise was the answer. Number one, disinfection services provide real value to our commercial and residential customers. Number two, the long-term demand for these services is here to stay. And number three, bioPURE allows us to profitably deliver these services.”

bioPURE’s impressive growth and expansion is based on the strength of its franchise owners like TriStar. bioPURE was recognized as the 17th fastest growing franchise by Franchise Gator and is a member of the RSS franchise family which is an Inc. 5000 company for the last four years in a row. “We designed bioPURE from the ground up to be the perfect revenue and profit booster rocket to existing services companies,” said Jim Wilson, CEO of bioPURE. “TriStar is a perfect example of the type of service business owners who stand to gain the most by owning a bioPURE franchise. They have existing customers who trust them and know them. They have the team and the infrastructure to easily add on bioPURE’s disinfection service line. And, they want to continue to drive more revenue and profit growth.”

TriStar’s success proves yet again that bioPURE franchise ownership is an excellent add on for all types of existing service businesses, including the following:

  • Janitorial and cleaning services
  • HVAC services
  • Plumbing services
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning services
  • Natural stone maintenance and restoration
  • Floor tile and grout restoration services
  • Window washing services
  • Restoration and emergency services (water, smoke, fire, etc.)
  • Mold remediation services
  • Security and alarm services
  • Waste removal services
  • Power washing services
  • Swimming pool services 
  • Pest and mosquito control services
  • Lawn and landscapping services
  • Home inspection services
  • Mini blind cleaning services
  • Drain or gutter cleaning services
  • Ventilation and duct cleaning services
  • Chimney cleaning services

“If you own an existing service business and you want to add another high-growth and high-profit service line, I encourage you to reach out to us at bioPURE,” added Wilson. “We have open territories all across America and we love to partner with proven entrepreneurs who want to grow with bioPURE.”

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