Is bioPURE Right For You? The Answer Is Yes!

Here in South Carolina, we have a high humidity climate that create fertile breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and molds. In fact, basically every building in the state has mold and fungi—some harmless, some toxic.

bioPURE Environmental can help you identify what’s growing in your space and create an action plan to eliminate harmful molds, bacteria and fungi.


Whether your home has fallen victim to South Carolina’s humid climate or you have a family member who suffers from a compromised immune system, bioPURE’s bio cleaning technology will ensure you and your family are living in a safe, healthy environment.


Are you a hotelier with a mold problem? A restaurateur constantly battling surface fungus? A retail outfit whose associates always seem to be sick? bioPURE Environmental can solve your problems. Our patented bio cleaning process blasts away mold, fungus and bacterial contamination.


If there’s one thing hospitals, schools, nursing homes and government facilities all seem to have in common, it’s germs. With so many people moving in and out everyday, it’s nearly impossible to keep sickness-causing germs at bay. That’s where bioPURE comes in. Our process is recognized by the FDA as an incredibly effective infection control agent, killing 99.999% of gems.