bioPURE Sumter

bioPURE in Sumter South Carolina Referred for a Reason

Your home is your castle, even on those days when you’re feeling less than perfect. The kids are sniffling, you’ve got errands to run, and dealing with coughs and Kleenex piles are not part of the agenda, are they? Of course not. bioPURE helps reduce those little life inconveniences and our service can keep your family healthy.

A Holistic Approach to Clean

We combine physics and chemistry in a unique way to make your home germ free. Our service puts a molecular coating on every interior surface of your home. We spray every room and take our time to make certain nothing is left uncovered. 

We Don’t Miss a Thing

We know that germs don’t come out and say hi so, we spray your kitchen with great intent. We even spray in the drawers and cabinets to make sure those items most likely to spread germs are germ free. If you like, we will even spray your mattresses. 

You Have Questions

We get it, you have questions. We have answers. In the bottom right you will see a chat button. That little amazing feature comes right to my phone. Ask us anything. We are here to help. 

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