Patented Bio Cleaning Technology Blows Away Other Mold & Infection Control Methods

When you call in a specialist like bioPURE Environmental, you don’t just want to be sure your mold infection is dealt with—you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth. You’re not going to find a more thorough or effective disinfection and sanitation process anywhere in central South Carolina.

bioPURE uses patented bio cleaning technology to keep your space mold and bacteria-free.

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We start with a total mold inspection, including visible assessment and laboratory testing to identify where mold, if any, exists in your space. From there, we will contain any areas affected by mold and harmful bacteria and begin the mold remediation and infection control process.

  • Remove or apply protective covering to all artwork.

  • Clean and cover all furnishings.

  • Apply bio cleaning treatment to all surfaces.

  • Apply bio cleaning treatment to the HVAC system.

  • HEPA vacuum the entire space.

  • Remove protective coverings and replace artwork.

How Bio Cleaning Works
Why Bio Cleaning Is Better

Don’t let mold and bacteria ruin your home or business. Contact bioPURE today!

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