Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Mold

Did you know that mold is present in almost every building in the world? There are over 100,000 species of mold in the world and most are actually harmless. They help in the process of plant decomposition and are the basis of many life-saving medicines.

However, there are some species of mold that can be extremely destructive and even toxic, like black mold. If you suspect a toxic mold infestation in your property, count on bioPURE Environmental to remove the mold and make your space safe again.

How Does Mold Grow?

Mold grows anywhere where moisture is present. You might think that investing in a dehumidifier will keep your building mold-free, but the truth is that low-humidity environments carry their own health dangers. Since the ideal humidity for human health is 40%-50%, mold is something you have to expect to live with.

Again, most mold is harmless, existing peacefully in your walls, floors and insulation without you ever knowing. It’s when you have excess moisture from leaky plumbing or poor ventilation that toxic mold is able to grow and thrive. So as long as you keep your indoor humidity in that ideal zone, you should never have a problem with toxic mold.

How To Tell What Kind Of Mold You Have

There are home mold testing kits available on the market, however they’re not reliable. They can’t identify mold type or quantity—only that mold is present. For an accurate mold test you’ll need a professional to complete a thorough mold inspection with laboratory testing.

bioPURE will perform a combination of visual inspection and air sampling to tell you not only what kinds of mold are present in your space but where they are and in what concentration. And if you choose to have us remove your environmental mold, we’ll waive the inspection fee!