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bioPURE Environmental was founded with a mission to make central South Carolina a healthier place. We are IIRC-certified Mold Remediation Specialists with extensive mold removal and infection control knowledge.

bioPURE’s certified mold removal experts are here to help you.

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Brandon Kinder is a SC native and Citadel graduate. He spent 10 years in medical sales and first learned about bio cleaning while attending a business conference. He trained in bio cleaning application for several years before bringing bioPURE to life. He is enthusiastic about helping SC homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and more into safer and healthier spaces. Brandon and his wife, Danielle, have three sons together.

Todd Lee is a veteran of both the Marine Corps and the Army who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since returning to civilian life Todd has found new purpose helping people have healthier environments. In his own words, “Working at bioPURE makes me feel like I am helping homeowners protect their homes and most importantly, I am able to give back and teach homeowners about mold problems that can occur in their homes. bioPURE drives me to learn and grow in ways I didn’t think were possible.”

Eddie Newman was born and raised in Sumter, SC. He is a Lieutenant with the Sumter Fire Department and a member of Concord Presbyterian Church. Eddie and his wife, Jessica, have four children. After the flooding in 2015, Eddie learned firsthand the harm that mold can cause in the body. He is happy to work with bioPURE, knowing that the services he provides will make a difference to the customers he serves.