How It Works

We know what you’re thinking. Aren’t bioparticles those tiny robots from scary sci-fi movies?

Well, they can be, but bioPURE Environmental doesn’t use tiny robots to sanitize your space. (Though that would be cool.) Our treatment harnesses the natural cleaning power of hydrogen and oxygen and the science of electrostatic charging to create microscopic biobubbles that can penetrate into surface dips and cracks so tiny you can’t actually see them.

Where traditional mold removal solutions sit atop these tiny cracks and dips, their molecules too large to penetrate, bioPURE’s biobubbles are tiny enough to penetrate any crack or dip in any surface and the electrostatic charge make the bubbles “sticky” so they don’t drip away before their work is done.

Microscopic mold, bacteria and fungi don’t stand a chance against bioPURE Environmental!


Bio Cleaning vs Traditional Remediation

Traditional Remediation

  • Containment Required

  • Chemicals & Machines Remove Spores

  • HVAC System Cannot Be Treated

  • Walls Often Require Replacement

  • Uses Biocides, Pesticides & Fungicides

  • Expensive & Time Consuming


Bio Cleaning

  • No Containment Needed

  • Atomized Hydrogen & Oxygen Remove Spores

  • HVAC System Can Be Treated

  • No Tearing Out Walls

  • Natural Products, No Chemicals

  • More Affordable & Takes Very Little Time