An Upstate company is looking to educate people in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. - bioPURE Service
Changing the Standard of Clean

An Upstate company is looking to educate people in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Brandon Kinder, founder and president of BioPure, said people need to think not only about cleaning, but sanitizing and disinfecting.

“The mission statement at BioPure is to change the standard of clean,” Kinder said. “Certainly now that the coronavirus, COVID-19 is out there, we’ve seen people who are more aware and more sensitive to things like germs, viruses and bacteria.

Kinder said he has noticed a surge in requests to come clean businesses across the Upstate and around the country. He showed WYFF News 4 the process he used involving an electrostatic sprayer and chlorine dioxide.

“If you’re diligent at traditional wiping, mopping, vacuuming, doing the traditional cleaning or janitorial work we’ve all been accustomed to doing, you’re only about 40-50% effective in the amount of surfaces you touch,” Kinder said. “We have a product that has been registered with the EPA, that we have their efficacy claims to know we’re effective against it.”

BioPURE uses a unique formula with an active ingredient called CLO2 to kill up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria, according to its website. For many decades, CLO2 has been recognized as a great disinfectant, owners said.

“Our powerful electrostatic delivery system means that every area in your home and office is completely protected. BioPURE’s revolutionary system is guaranteed to be effective,” the website said.

Performance psychologist Dr. Milt Lowder had Kinder’s crews come in and clean Monday in downtown Greenville.

“I think this would shut us down,” Lowder said, speaking about the virus. “Our work has been one-on-one work, working with teams and companies and athletics, so if one of us gets the virus, I think we’d have to shut it down for a few weeks.”

Lowder said he planned to regularly have treatment done to protect against coronavirus and give his staff peace of mind.

“In the midst of all the unknowns, here’s a known thing I can do to look out for our people here and look out for my family,” Lowder said. “There’s so much uncertainty, anxiety and stress about what’s happening in our world, the effects of this of who’s vulnerable, who’s susceptible. I think this is another level and a new generation of ways to protect ourselves with all that’s out there.”

Over at Cyclebar, owner Eric Skoloff said he would cut class sizes in half to promote social distancing. He also required staff to wipe down surfaces and called in BioPure as an additional measure.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Skoloff said. “We just want to play our part and still be part of the community, but obviously take every precaution we can to follow the guidelines and make sure everyone stays as safe as possible during these times.”

Skoloff said he wanted to do everything possible to try and create a sense of normalcy, which includes encouraging people to continue to practice safe personal hygiene.

“I really feel like everyone needs to up their sanitizing practices from a personal basis,” Skoloff said. “If you wash your hands multiple times a day, wash them more. We really want to take the lead and be the proactive studio in the community, to show this is a serious situation. We understand the severity of the situation, so we want everyone to feel comfortable coming in here.”

Kinder said educating communities about how to truly clean, sanitize and disinfect places could help in combating the coronavirus.

“We’ve all been fooled to think you can come in and clean, and cleaning is very important,” Kinder said. “But cleaning just creates the appearance or smell of clean. It doesn’t do anything to eliminate pathogens, communicable diseases or viruses. Germs connect us all, so being able to break that chain of cross-contamination is a big piece in creating cleaner, healthier and safer environments.”

For a list of EPA-approved disinfectants to fight coronavirus, click here.