Amid coronavirus concerns, germ control companies see spike in business - bioPURE Service
Changing the Standard of Clean

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — According to the CDC, the best prevention against the coronavirus is to clean dirty surfaces and disinfect and that has kept area germ control companies very busy.

“We’re treating hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space every night and it’s been that way for several nights in a row now, going on weeks now,” said Brandon Kinder, bioPURE Services Founder, and President.

Kinder’s product to help fight coronavirus is called bioPURE Clean.

“Our active ingredient – our base technology is chlorine dioxide and it’s extremely effective,” said Kinder. “We know we have efficacy claims for one of the seven strands of the human coronavirus strand 229 – C, in addition to several other small envelope and non-envelope viruses that are difficult to eliminate.”

Kinder said the liquid is put into a machine that charges the particles.

“What this machine does is it takes the chemistry – it electrostatically charges the particles to give these individual droplets polarity like positive negative on a magnet so when we come into your business to treat, that facility is grounded or neutral, so it causes our particles to have an attraction to approximately 75 times stronger thank gravity to get a much more complete coverage of that facility,” said Kinder.

After treatment, Kinder recommends continuing to follow normal cleaning protocols and to do follow-up treatments with bioPURE on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

The cost varies from commercial to residential and size.

BioPURE’s home treatment starts at $100.

BioPURE Nashville: 615-635-0555