bioPURE continues its strong new franchisee growth with 51 locations in 16 states - bioPURE Service
Changing the Standard of Clean


bioPURE Services continues to rapidly expand its franchise locations throughout the United States. Currently, there are 51 bioPURE locations across 16 states, making it one of the fastest-growing franchises in 2020. “We are very pleased with the strong growth of new bioPURE locations across America,” said Jim Wilson, CEO of bioPURE. “As pleased as we are with the number of new locations we’re adding, we’re even more excited about the quality of people and entrepreneurs who are choosing to own and operate a bioPURE franchise.”

Founded in 2016, bioPURE began franchising in late 2019. Since that time, proven entrepreneurs with varying backgrounds are successfully opening new bioPURE locations. Using advanced technology (electrostatic application machines) and advanced disinfection chemistry, bioPURE franchisees are well positioned to serve the growing needs of commercial and residential customers in their local markets. Many new bioPURE franchisees own existing service businesses (commercial and residential). These new bioPURE locations are able to rapidly grow their locations by taking advantage of the synergies with their existing businesses and customer bases. “Owning a bioPURE franchise was a natural and perfect fit for our existing janitorial business,” said Todd Story, Owner of bioPURE Music City in Nashville, TN. “bioPURE has empowered us to rapidly grow and to effectively serve a large and growing market need in Nashville. We couldn’t be more excited.”

“In addition to the obvious disinfection needs required by COVID, the flu season and other germs and pathogens are driving the ongoing demand for bioPURE’s services,” noted Brandon Kinder, Founder and President of bioPURE. “The global disinfection industry was already growing and innovating prior to the COVID pandemic. The commercial and residential markets needed a new standard of clean, and bioPURE was founded to fill that need.”

Jim Wilson noted that their recent product innovations continue to help fuel bioPURE’s growth. bioPURE™ SHIELD Hand Sanitizer is the next generation of personal protection that was introduced recently. One pump protects up to 24 hours against 99.9% of germs and common bacteria, bioPURE™ SHIELD Hand Sanitizer is water-based, alcohol-free, has a pleasant fragrance, and is gentle on your hands. “This product has been a huge hit with bioPURE franchisees and their local customers,” noted Wilson. “Our hand sanitizer is yet another example of bioPURE’s commitment to innovation for our franchisees and the customers they serve.”

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