2019-2020 virus season is trending to be the worst in U.S. history - bioPURE Service
Changing the Standard of Clean

The Centers for Disease Control reported that the 2019-2020 virus season is trending to be the worst in U.S. history with over 6.4 million reported flu cases and 55,000 hospitalizations.

A Johnson City headquartered company, bioPURE, aims to eradicate the germs that cause viruses such as the flu and coronavirus by treating schools, businesses, and residents with an EPA-registered disinfectant mist.

The chlorine dioxide-based product features an electrostatic charge and clings to surfaces, corners, and crevices without affecting electronics or leaving a residue.

The News Channel 11 team spoke to bioPURE CEO Jim Wilson to see how the disinfectant compares to the traditional Lysol or Clorox wipes and what further steps to take to eliminate germs.

“Our studies show that even after people do a great job of cleaning for appearance, when we come in and apply our technology, we see a greater than 70 percent reduction in germ count,” Wilson said.

According to Wilson, it’s also common to apply household cleaning products incorrectly. While cleaning, products such as Lysol spray should soak to surfaces for 10 minutes before wiping.

Everyday household products aside, Wilson said the cleaning technology bioPURE uses to disinfect and sanitize is a hospital-registered cleaner.

With reports of the novel coronavirus increasing across the country, Wilson assured that it is one of the viruses bioPURE’s disinfectant mist tackles.

“Our product has a very wide range of what is called a kill sheet,” Wilson said. “And with the coronavirus, we’re excited and fortunate that it is one of the viruses that our product does kill.”

For more information call 423-302-7075 or visit bioPure’s website.

Read the full article and watch the video at https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/johnson-city-germ-control-company-offers-cleaning-services-that-kill-flu-coronavirus/.