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bioPURE Environmental was founded in 2017 with a single purpose: to provide healthier environments in central South Carolina. Our founder, Brandon Kinder, is a SC native and Citadel graduate, so he has a personal interest in creating healthy spaces for his friends and family in Greenville, Columbia, Florence and Sumter.

 Brandon Kinder started bioPURE to improve lives in the Greenville, SC area.

Brandon spent 10 years in medical sales and first learned about bio cleaning while attending a business conference. That brief introduction to bio cleaning sparked a fire in him that would ultimately change his life.

Brandon was so excited by the potential applications for bio cleaning, not just for residential mold remediation but for restaurant kitchen sanitation, hospital infection control, school classroom disinfection and so much more, that he left medical sales to start a career in bio cleaning—with the support of his wife, Danielle, and their three sons, of course!

Brandon trained in bio cleaning application for three years and began working as an independent contractor. His mission was to gain expert-level experience and business acumen so he could open his own business and become an industry leader.

Today, Brandon’s dream is a reality. bioPURE Environmental is a successful and thriving bio cleaning business that features outstanding mold removal and infection control services at competitive rates. We are excited to help central South Carolina homes, businesses, school, hospitals and more provide a truly safe and healthy environment!

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